humanity_YOU_manism_YOU_REBOOT by Open Space Performunion 09.01.2021 to Merge-FreeArts-Festival-SouthKorea

performance conception – dramaturgy – musical composition: Lars Crosby
performed by: Open Space Performunion e.V.
2nd Performer: Philip Kevin Brehse
Light Sculpture – design – camera: Alfredo Sciuto
Assistence: Patrick Pat-Now

We, as human beings have to understand that we are a part of a multidimensional reality which includes the Metadimension of spirits/ghosts and the well know binary digital dimensions – the computer world – which is merely the beginning of being a true new dimensional space. ONE RULE: Do what you enjoy to do but do not hurt anybody; all deviations are at the discretion of the practitioner’s situation.

All following aspects of this theme are full of interpretive truths, we breath into them and decide; in spite of the knowledge, decision means reunification.

The ancient sacred Substance which we derive from is Hydrogin. All information is saved binarily in the Hydrogin atom …and these all frequential matters fluctuate between black matter and Gravity makes it possible. There is, therefore, a ‘dance of matters‘ in every aspect of our material and nonmaterial- world.… it waves for so long that we are not able to focus on the terminus.

Gravity is a frequence based on Planck’s Quantum Theory, Hawkins advantiges and the theory of relativity from Einstein, therefore this tuning frequency is called „the tone of unity“, or the so named, ‘Planckscher Kammerton’ (by 169,893 Hz / 79,6004 bpm). It is a universal basic … it might be a multiversal truth.

It began to be a physical messuring standard 14 years ago. That is why I use the Frequence of mathmathical gravity, which was discovered by Prof. Dr. Norbert Böhm. In my interdisciplinary conception in Performance Art, it offers me a new multiversal standard in meassuring sound.

This tone is the swing of gravimethrian memory of the circle of light from a black hole. Every black hole – is mathmaticaly always the same.

My sound field in the performance will be originaly tuned in this tone frequency and each nuance spectralizes in this specific over and subtune-scales…the beat is octavalalog congruent to the herz-frequency of the tone. After my loop-preparation,

I will locate my theme: ‘humanity.YOU.manism.You.Reboot’

If a thought is stored in its full bandwidth, then there is a tiny piece of information about our emotional, spiritual as well as physical intelligence somewhere out there in the universe, on the edge of a black hole. Gravitation is the force that sets everything in motion, even dance.

The circles of emotions are certainly also our circles of fortune and desire. We, humans are developing constantly within these circles. And only our decisions we are in the end, the scales of humanity. We try to weigh these peaceful ideals against those gloomy powers. We, humans have to understand that we always need these parables to show all of the different perspectives of the facts which happen otherwise we fall apart.