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Ver – Lust „2,896 Tote Blätter Fallen“

Michael Steger 27.02.1968 – 22.06.2017

Liebe Freunde, Kollegen & Mitstreiter, dear friends, colleagues & collaborators, wir laden Euch herzlich ein am 22.Juli 2018 ab 20:00 Uhr mit uns im BLO Ateliers gemeinsam Michaels einjährigen Todestag zu feiern, im wörtlichsten Sinn.

Butoh Workshop with Mushimaru Fujieda – The Physical Poets – Japan

presented by the Open Space Performunion. An exceptional workshop opportunity including a public performance with one of the most inspirational and experienced teachers we know. Mushimaru Fujieda, internationally acclaimed performance artist and dancer and certainly one of the greatest living…