At the 04.09.2020 in the evening at 9 p.m. romanian-timezone Philip Kevin Brehse (pkb) and Lars Crosby (lcy) from Open Space Performunion with service and supportment from the Ensemble of the Teatrul de Arta Deva.
into the Inside of the Theatre: in Deva/Romania(Hunedoara) to the ‚Deva Performing Arts – Ediția Inside Out‘-FESTIVAL 2020 performing:

1- Oda to German Romanticim (pkb) Contemporary Dance/Performing Arts
2- A Lecture-Performance (lcy) in the New Science of Cosmic Octave from Orpheus Handbook
3- Magna Mater (pkb/lcy) Performance/Art

In a certain moment of the work in Open Space Performunion,
I reached a moment of despair as an artist, no longer found the sense of
things, the joy of creation and made an experiment to return and examine
my favorite childhood games, revisiting them as it were from the
perspective of being already an older artist and discovered that those
childhood pastimes were interesting material for
performance pieces.
Out of this time, a series of three performance emerged
which have become a very important part of our repertoire.

It begins with ‘Ode to German Romanticism,’ a solo work from Philip Kevin Brehse and continues with a solo musical work from Lars Crosby which he calls ‘Music for the Space in Between‘ in which he shows his skills from his ‘Conceptual Orphaeum Space in three segments; acoustical, anolgue digital, and pure digital. The third part of the performance is the DUET from the both of us called ‘Magna Mata,’ (big mother/Earth) in which the childhood game of creating landscapes in a sandbox, playing God, is transformed into a rithual to honor to the beauty of the earth and hints at the actual precarious situation of our planet. An impressive landscape sculpture is created in this performance. In these works, the biomechanics are integrated with dance and movement and sculpture.