Natural Physical Poetry – Workshop with Mushimaru Fujieda

17990906_10207489571831091_2054256683061302625_n   An exceptional workshop opportunity with one of the most inspirational teachers in butoh & dance. The internationally acclaimed Japanese artist and dancer Mushimaru Fujieda calls it „A lecture on Natural Physical Poetry ~ movement in one ́s own breathing rhythm.“ dates 23rd of May 12 – 16 24th of May 12 – 16 25th of May 12 – 16 Mime Centrum Berlin, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Fee: 140 € Earlybird booking fee until 1st of May 120 € For registration please contact Emily Kuhnke 0176- 78453633 Mushimaru Fujiedas workshop has been developed for the purpose of making the original dance of each participant realized by moving the body based on the rhythm of breathing.He has already a track record of teaching for 20 years, and his inspiring workshops have taken place not only in Japan but in Western countries South Korea and India. He considers each participant to be a completely unique individual, searching to rediscover the fresh playfulness of his or her inner child.His methods are also effective as a technique of releasing mind and body, and are also called active meditation.Considering that human spirit and body constitute an inseparable Entity, his group, The Physical Poets has based its dance technique upon control utilizing the breathing methods for the training of Yoga, Qigong and Zen of the traditional Asian cultures. Physical Poets Backed with live music performances incorporating ethnic Instruments, the Physical Poets ́ theatrical expression-full of originality, so beautiful and mystic that one might recall the fantasy of surrealistic painting-continues to receive acclaim and support from large audiences across many borders. Please register here: The workshop will be held in english.