Korean Fan Dance – Workshop with Hany Park

Fan Dance is a classical repertoire in Korean Dance which is believed to have originated with shamans, a Korean dancer Kim Beak Bong was influenced by ancestral histories of fan dances, introduced it as a solo version in South Korea in 1948. It became popular after performing as a group dance in Mexican Olympics in 1968, nowadays one of the most recognised Korean dances.This workshop is open for movement practitioners, also covers the complete beginners who have interests in Korean Dance. Workshop Structure The use of fan (fan practice: open/close) Basic Korean Dance techniques (steps and arm movements) Advanced fan techniques (moving up/down, turning, stretching, dragging) Creating images as a group (the mountain, the sea, waves, flowers) Dates: 22.5. 20-22 Uhr 23.5. 16-19Uhr 24.5. 18-21Uhr 26.5. 18-21Uhr Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte Wallstraße 32 – Haus C 10179 Berlin U2 Märkisches Museum U8 Heinrich-Heine-Straße BUS 147, 165, 265 Instructor: Hany Park MA, Goldsmiths University of London, her specialisms include Korean Traditional Dance, Musical Theatre and Contemporary Theatre. She is a South Korean traditional dancer whose stage career has spanned over fifty years, working with international dance groups and festivals in Europe, the U.S, Canada and East Asia. Hany has recently taught Korean Traditional Dance at E15 in Essex University (U.K), and with Kaya Dance Group at Jugendkulturzentrum SPIRALE, Berlin that feature a dynamic technique of basic steps that present Korean Dance as elegant dance Routine. Her passion is embodied world dance, breathing and energy, altered femininity and minority issues.