ruri OPEN SPACE PERFORMUNION performaturgy & exhibition capped off with a public discussion. SOMA Gallery 7 pm Liegnitzer str. 34 10999 Berlin.  The Open Space Performunion is celebrating its 10th Anniversary by re-examining our individual and collective repertoire in an evening of performaturgy, searching for what feels necessary to be repeated. Jörn J. Burmester, performance artist and curator, will cap off the evening by moderating a critical discourse on the theme of repertory within the context of performance art with the public and visiting international performance artists of the MPA-B 2015 “Anthology Edition.” Often inherent in the tendencies of contemporary performance art is a strong emphasis on the risk of going into unknown territories and trying of the untried. Many performances aim at being done only one time and are constructed solely for a specific and temporary Location. The issue of repetition seems to be shunned, since it is reminiscent of the practice of theater, dance and music.  In the practice of performance over an artistic lifetime, one does however arrive at a body of work, images, or techniques that recur and become an artist’s signature. One inevitably develops a performance repertory.The upcoming “Anthology Edition” has inspired us to reflect on our own artistic development over the previous years of affiliation with the MPA-B. We wish to take a break from our organizational contributions to the past editions including the “World Stage Bullenwinkel” at MYFEST, which served as the opening event of the MPA in 2013 and 2014 as well as our festivals HUNGER, ESCAPE and CUT, and to focus more intensely on our own condition as performance artists and as a performance Group. OPEN SPACE PERFORMUNION Tizo All Lars Crosby Gaetan Essayie Philip Kevin Brehse Amy J. Klement Emily Kuhnke Luz Scherwinski Leo Meyer Schwickelrat Michael Steger Nabi Nara Poul R.